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A is for Adrenaline

Adrenaline or Anxiety, the two can be linked.

Fear, Tension, Pain cycle. This can trigger our freeze, flight or fight mode.

We want to keep the adrenaline away and work with our birth partner to return to your relaxed state.

Our response to ‘Fight or Flight’, Earlier in evolution adrenalin was needed to stop or slow labour so that the woman could move to a safer place to birth her baby. Use all of the techniques to enable you to feel calm and in control.

A rise in adrenaline during "transition" is normal as it can give you the ‘oomph’ needed to birth your baby. However a side effect of adrenaline is self doubt, fear and panic. You may shake and want to run away, you may throw all your clothes off, for me this is where I said I may need some pain relief.

The tools and techniques you learn in sessions will help you to stay calm and in control whilst the feeling passes, Your birth partner will also learn about all the ways in which they can help you stay calm.

Its also helpful through labour to eat and drink little and often, if you are hungry this can cause your adrenaline to rise. Create the environment for you wherever you are going to birth. Warm, comfy, safe and calm.

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