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Nurtured Natal

Your Birth, Your Body, Your Choice

Nurtured Natal is a Pregnancy and Postnatal focused safe and open space for you to be informed of your choices.  I want to help you make the positive steps towards the birth you’ve been wanting. 

It is also a space for Mindful Magic classes for parents and children. 

I’m Helen and I had my first child in October 2017. I'd heard of Hypnobirthing but until I was pregnant I hadn’t looked into it further. I decided to attend a Hypnobirthing class and really enjoyed the experience, we both did. The breathing techniques I could take away with me to try at home.

You assume you know how to breath, but I found using Hypnobirthing techniques fantastic, not just for birth, but also to enjoy relaxation at any time, in other areas of my life.

Nearly three years on and i still use them for myself, along with the affirmations. 


Its been an eye opening, and truly enjoyable journey into the birthing world and I am still learning more and more as I meet new parents to be. I love meeting new birthing mums and couples preparing for a new baby, be it first time or fifth time.

Its about giving you information on birth to make an informed choice, but also using Hypnobirthing as a way to relax your mind and control your environment when it comes to your birth.

Birth shouldn’t be something we endure or fear, its an amazing thing we do, growing a human and bringing them into the world.

However you choose to birth your baby, I would like to help you with Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy relaxation classes.

The Mindful Breastfeeding is part of the Mindful Breastfeeding School. 

I also run Mindful Magic classes, have a look at the Mindful Magic page to see more information.  


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